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Helpful tips for acute injuries.


P = Protection: Avoid activities and movements that increase pain during the first few days after injury.

E = Elevation: Elevate the injured limb higher than the heart a few times a day.

A = Avoid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

C = Compression: Wrapping with a tensor bandage for support and to limit swelling. Use caution, do not wrap too tightly to ensure proper blood flow. 

E = Education: Seek proper medical attention and advice. 


L = Load: Let pain guide your gradual return to normal activities. Your body tells you when it's safe to increase your load.

O = Optimism: Conditioning your brain for optimal recovery by being positive

V = Vascularization: Choosing pain-free cardiovascular activities to increase blood flow to repair tissues. 

E = Exercise: Restore mobility, strength, and proprioception by adopting an active approach to recovery

Heed the warnings of pain and swelling in your hand and wrist and consult your doctor and/or hand therapist to help you know when to rest or move the injured part.


Certified Hand Therapists are highly skilled in evaluating and treating upper limb conditions. Treatment is individualized to your specific diagnosis and need.

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